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DEAR FRIENDS! Let me congratulate all the constructors with the birthday of our great city. Born by the will of Peter the First, St. Petersburg is now one of the worlds greatest architectural and historical pearls. Not casually the 300th birthday of the city on the Neva, that we will mark next year, has been included in the list of the UNESCOs memorial dates as an event of the world meaning. We love and respect our city, where each stone breaths by the history. The center of the city is being reconstructed, the museums, theatres, libraries are being restored, the embankments and bridges are being renewed. New blocks in new districts appear, new schools, polyclinics and gyms open. In only a year well mark Petersburgs 300th anniversary. We have begun preparations by the fair beforehand. We have worked out the program, that was adopted on the federal level. Fulfillment of this program lets us to solve a lot of problems, connected with the city improvement, repair of the facades, court-yards, arrangement of the system of the streets illumination, transport. Thus construction of the Circle Road will help to set the city center free of the transit transport and will bring ecological situation into a healthy state. Considerable budget and extra-budget means, help of the federal ministries and, first of all, our own forces all is aimed on making our city more beautiful, to make our life, life of our children and grand-children better. It is difficult to overestimate the role of all Petersburg constructors in this business. Im sure that our constructors, who have always differed by their responsibility and have always been loyal to their business, will work good on the jubilees projects. Dear constructors, accept my congratulations with the Day of the city and the forthcoming jubilee! Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Yakovlev INVESTMENT CLIMATE IN THE LENINGRAD REGION IS WARMER THAN IN ST. PETERSBURG Comparing investment climate of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the specialists of InvestIn company have revealed some drawbacks and problems that have negative influence on the state of conditions for investments in St. Petersburgs economy. Monitoring of the serious investors let to conclude that the Leningrad region is more attractive for the foreign investors than St. Petersburg. The main reasons for such appreciation are the following: imperfection of the normative base in the part of tax privileges and guarantees for investors; high administrative barriers existing in St. Petersburg, especially on the stage of location of the enterprises; disconnection and non-coordination of different committees of the city government and other structures in the questions of regulation of the investment activity. There are differences between normative acts of the regions. On this basis it is impossible to conclude that the normative base of St. Petersburg is worth. Never the less there exists possibility for its improvement. Besides while analyzing the situation they came to conclusion that the new norms of the federal legislation adopted in 2002 will considerably limit investment possibilities of the regions in such spheres as registration of the companies and tax regulations. At the same time the other federal acts, that have come into forth, the Land Codex, for example, are making legislative vacuum on the local level. KRONSHTADT IS A TOURISTS TOWN The town-island actively develops infrastructure for tourists. The town government approved the program of development of the town as a tourist center. Among different measures the program proposes construction of different objects. The experts of the World tourist organization of the UN estimate tourism to rest a prospering branch of economies of the states of the world society. Kronshtadt is located on the isle of Kotlin in 30 km from St. Petersburg. Its length is 12 km, width 2 km. 17 artificial islands-forts constitute administrative part of the district. Kronshtadt has a unique cultural and historical value, having a strategic transport location, having all pretexts for its realization as a tourist center. There are more than 300 historical and cultural sites in Kronshtadt, including hydro-technical and fortification facilities, wonderful buildings and ensembles. The Kronshtadt navy fortress, as the town itself, is put in the list of UNESCO world heritage in St. Petersburg and vicinities. The long functioning of the town as a navy base didnt let Russian and foreign public get acquainted with its cultural and historical importance. Recently tourism in Kronshtadt has grown. Experts estimate economical efficiency of tourism in the town to be rather high. But at the lack of the state statistics it is impossible to determine share in the towns budget coming from tourism. IF THE CITY IS BEING BUILT IT LIVES We offer our readers the thesis of the report of vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Chairman of Committee for construction Alexander Vakhmistrov on the III International construction conference held in April, 10-11, 2002 in the framework of the MosBuild-2002 fair. INVESTMENT POLICY IN THE POWER ENGINEERING IN ST. PETERSBURG The main volume of investments in St. Petersburg goes into construction. The volume of housing is being continuously increased. At the same time inability of the city infrastructure to maintain this growth is a negative trend. In particular, the pipe-lines or heat networks are growing old more quickly than new ones are being put into operation. Last ten years volume of means that goes on maintaining of boiler-hoses and heat networks is not enough for normal renovation. Chairman of Committee for power engineering of St. Petersburg Alexey Delukin answers the questions of our correspondent. INTERSTROYEXPO-2002 8 YEAR ON ONE BREATH In April, 23-27 8th International construction fair Interstroyexpo took place in St. Petersburg. The fair is considered to be one of the Ministry for construction of Russia most important events on the territory of the North-West region. The biggest branch forum on the Neva consisted of 5 specialized fairs: Interstroyexpo (construction, architecture, instrument, software); Teplovent (engineering networks, air condition systems, ventilation); Windows. Doors. Roofs; Construction design; Russian construction indusrty and Construction congress of IBC. More than 650 companies from 19 regions of Russia and more than 20 countries took part in the fair. The collective stands presented construction branches of Finland, Poland, Turkey, Lithuania and Belarus. For the first time the construction companies from Hong-Kong, Bulgaria and Romania came on the banks of the Neva. Among Russian participants there were companies from Arkhangelsk region, Ekaterinburg, Murmansk, Samara, Novosibirsk, Moscow, Moscow region, Novgorod region, Ulianovsk, Republic of Karelia, Komi, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Kirov region, Pskov region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. It was pleasant to see almost a half of participants were producers of products. This spesks about the modern thinking of the leaders of the enterprises who understand importance of participation in the big International construction fairs. II INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CONGRESS PASSED IN PETERSBURG April, 2325 in the framework of the biggest construction forum in the North-West region Interstroyexpo-2002 there was held the International construction congress. To discuss the essential construction problems the specialists from Russia, Poland, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries gathered in St. Petersburg. Governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Yakovlev, vice-governor of our city Alexander Vakhmistrov, chairman of Committee for preparation of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg Natalia Batozhok, Chairman of Committee for construction of the Leningrad region Y. Boiko, deputy minister for construction of Russia Ludmila Barinova, Minister for construction of the Moscow region A. Gornostaev and other officials from many countries and cities took part in the Congress. MODERN TYPES OF HERMETIC IN CONSTRUCTION Russian and foreign industry offers lots of materials for making buildings and facilities more comfortable and for improving of their look. One of the most dynamically developed groups of such materials are construction germetics and glues. Before describing concrete kinds and types of germetics let us speak about a notion hermetization that mean making a long-termed barrier for possible penetration of unwanted elements. This means that hermetic must possess: high firmness to elements, from the influence of which it protects, high adhesiveness to surfaces, contacting with hermetic, to be technological when using, to preserve its features for a long time in conditions of exploitation, to have competitive price. Of course, all these demands are tightly connected (especially the two last). Recently the volumes of usage of new high quality products have increased, though the main volume of widely used hermetics there constitute products, which preserve their features not longer than 5 years. RESURRECTION OF THE RESURRECTION MONASTERY In the south of St. Petersburg, in Moskovsky prospect, not far from the entrance to the city Resurrection monastery meet all the guests of the Northern capital. In pre-revolution period it used to be one of the biggest centers of church life and one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles. We hope, today with the Gods help the cloister will revive and will take joy and warm hearts of all humans.

: 12.11.2002

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