Denkmal: Tradition and Innovation

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— Mr. Dornscheidt, please tell us more about denkmal, Europe’s leading forum on landmark conservation. — Held every two years in Leipzig, denkmal is the only exhibition in the world with an all-round coverage of restoration, conservation, and renovation of cultural and historical heritage. The show consists of the following modules: crafts and skills for landmark conservation and urban revitalization; supplies for construction and restoration; conservation and restoration of objects of high artistic and cultural value; conservation and restoration of cultural landmarks; restoration tools and equipment; construction machinery, equipment, instruments, vehicles, and so on. This exhibition will tell you everything you need to know about conservation and restoration. In 2000, the show was attended by 568 participants from 20 countries. There were 105 foreign participants. Companies from Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, the United States and Uzbekistan attended for the first time. Denkmal has transcended European boundaries; it is now a worldwide highlight. I am pleased that conservation of historical heritage has been growing in importance, and that new companies arrive who specialize in this truly rewarding business. The show’s audience is enormous. In 2000, it was visited by more than 17,000 from 38 countries in 4 days. — What is special about denkmal 2002? — Once again, the show will be accompanied by an itinerary of conferences, symposia and roundtables devoted to the industry’s immediate agenda. This year, most of these events will focus on industrial landmarks. Some of the discussion topics will be Industrial Landmarks: Conservation Through Continued Use, Identifying and Removing the Adverse Effects of Moisture and Recycling of Industrial Landmarks. Denkmal 2002 will also feature specialized expositions, field trips and exchanges. Information centers will be set up. The next scheduled Church Day will be held, dedicated to conservation of religious landmarks. A Russia Day is also part of our plans. Furthermore, we will be holding our customary Landmark Exchange to sell off state- and privately-owned historical buildings. The Exhibition Academy, which held a successful presentation in 2000, will be hosting a series of events on industrial construction and landmark conservation. College students and graduates will present their papers on industrial architecture. Young specialists will be invited to attend our Youth Forum, showcasing educational institutions and retraining opportunities available in Germany and abroad. Holding events of this kind, Leipziger Messe seeks to make young people aware of the promising career opportunities available in restoration, and promote the importance of conserving our cultural heritage. In 2002, our panel of judges will once again award ten Gold Medals for outstanding contribution to landmark conservation. We have been awarding these medals since 1996. Russian participants are welcome to vie for them, too. Moreover, the Bad Dueben Institute of Landmark Conservation and Protection, SIGNAL IDUNA, the Central Union of Craftsmen of Germany, and the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce & Industry will be awarding their own prizes at the show. — What novelties does Leip-ziger Messe have in store for its participants in the future? — Next year we have plans to host a restoration exhibition in collaboration with the St. Petersburg-based RESTEC trade fair company. Our decision was certainly influenced by the fact that, in 2003, St. Petersburg will be celebrating its 300th anniversary, and this highlight is on UNESCO’s list of priorities. — What would you wish for the participants and guests of Leip-ziger Messe? — I hope their participation or visit to denkmal will be as rewarding as they thought it would be. I wish them new contacts, great partners, new impressions from Leipzig and their excursions and I certainly want them to return.

Дата: 12.11.2002
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