Intarsia: reviving the sublime!

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In 1999 the firm admitted to European Union of Restorers as its member at the session of General Assembly in Geneva. The company is as well a member of Restorers’ Union of St. Petersburg. Intarsia has a license of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation empowering it to engage in restoration and reconstruction of federal-importance monuments. Intarsia takes up practically all kinds of restoration and construction works. In 1995—2001 the company renovated a number of unique monuments - places of interest in Moscow (Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Arsenal, Building No. 14 in the Kremlin) and in St. Petersburg (Russian Academy of Arts, Rostral Columns on the Point of St. Basil’s Island, Kapella yards, Marli Palace in Peterhof, monument «The Chariot of Glory» on the arch of the General Staff Headquarters, sculptural groups «Horse-tamers» on the Anichkov Bridge and others). Currently the Intarsia having gained tremendous expertise in restoration work is engaged in reconstruction of the following large-scale projects of major historical and cultural importance: Alexander Column, Narva Triumphal Gate, Palace of Grand Duke Nikolay Nikolayevich, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Konstantin’s Palace, sculptural composition «Aphrodite» in Saint-Gally garden, Lavalle Mansion and others. Today the complex renovation of Konstantin’s Palace in Strelna is in process. The company specialists develop and inculcate modern methods of restoration using the latest technologies. Intarsia has unique technologies representing know-how of world importance, among them: high-quality restoration of shpiatre sculpture, restoration of thin-shell monumental sculpture (knockout) with rupture of all galvanic couples and stoppage of condensate generation inside, restoration of bronze sculptures with creation of protective decorative layer applied using non-chemical method, that is, plasma spraying method. Intarsia specialists are able to attach rigidity to originally non-rigid shells of wall-shell monuments. The company specialists have developed a jet blasting method of clearing stone and metal coatings, so that all layers are removed consecutively. This method is used as well for clearing sculptures as well as facades faced with natural stone — limestone, marble, granite, shell rock. This method is characterized by high efficiency, no contact of abrasive particles with the surface being cleared, practically no noise, low price. Strict compliance with the requirements of Committee for Protection of Monuments as well as high quality of work let the company be a leader in tenders for renovation of the historical centre of St. Petersburg.

Дата: 12.11.2002
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