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Established in the 1980s as a design and construction cooperative, Vodokanalstroy was subsequently reorganized as a subsidiary of the state-run unitary water company Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga (St. Petersburg Water). In its new capacity, Vodokanalstroy succeeded such prominent organizations as Podzemkanalstroy SMU and Lenvodopribor factory. In 1996, the subsidiary went independent as Vodokanalstroy Public Unitary Company. In August 2001, it was reorganized into an open public company. All this time since foundation to date, the company has been successfully managed by Vladimir A. Agiyan, who has built and now spearheads a team of peerless professionals. Vodokanalstroy’s main business is in construction and overhaul of water supply systems, sewers, and utility networks for various applications; submerged construction (the company operates an in-house fleet of submarine vessels and divers); tunnel construction (including Metro lines); microtunneling; trenchless construction and overhaul of sewers; shut-off devices and unconventional equipment for water supply and sewerage. The company’s principal partner is Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga, one of the largest enterprises in St. Petersburg and Russia’s most advanced water company. Vodokanalstroy performs major overhaul of all water supply systems and sewers in St. Petersburg and its suburbs without exception, including the South, Central and North Waterworks, the Central and North Aeration Stations, water and wastewater treatment facilities in Sestroretsk, Kolpino, Petrodvorets and other suburbs. Leveraging its advanced technology and superb expertise, Vodokanalstroy has been able to repair and renovate some of St. Petersburg’s crucial historical spots. From 1997 through 1999, joining forces with Preussag AG of Germany and Per Aarsleff of Denmark, Vodokanalstroy rehabilitated the water supply networks under Palace Square, Nevsky and Vladimirsky Prospects and Mayakovsky Street using a technology known as the Phoenix Process. This was the first time the process was used in St. Petersburg or Russia. The point of the Phoenix Process is that the overhaul is performed without opening up the paving. A total of 20 km of piping 150 mm to 80 mm in diameter were rehabilitated. In 1998-2000, the company revitalized the Perinnaya Liniya wing of the Gostiny Dvor shopping mall. In December 1998, Vodokanalstroy began construction on an underground garage next to Gostiny Dvor. The unusually high complexity of this project is explained by the fact that the property is located in an old riverbed, right next to an inclined Metro line. Vodokanalstroy has also contributed to the comprehensive repair of Sadovaya Street, where its professionals pioneered the use of a hydraulic machine to destroy old underground pipes, followed by their replacement. In 1999-2002, Vodokanalstroy rehabilitated a vitally important facility, the pure water reservoirs at the Central Waterworks of Vodokanal Sankt-Peterburga. The most challenging task in this project was to replace a reservoir built in 1903 with a new solid water holding structure of 2 square hectares without damaging the existing wooden pilework. In the course of its long and successful career, Vodokanalstroy has markedly improved conventional utility construction know-how, and added numerous innovations. The company’s professionals have learned from the advanced expertise of their western counterparts in Denmark, Germany and Finland. Their best practices have been adopted, localized to Russia and industrially implemented. Today, Vodokanalstroy is a powerful holding group employing more than 1000, having united seven companies specializing in the different aspects of construction and renovation of buildings and facilities for various applications, as well as construction of water supply and sewerage systems and structures. Vodokanalstroy offers its customers turn-key solutions at an optimal price and within convenient timeframes, and assures their superior quality. Vodokanalstroy Group member companies: l Sunline Ltd.: pipe rehabilitation with the help of temporary flexible replacement piping; l STIS Ltd.: construction and overhaul of tunnel collectors; l SPRUT Ltd.: submerged construction and repair services; l Profil Ltd.: construction and major overhaul of outdoor utility systems and pipes; l Stroymekhanizatsiya Ltd.: manufacture of plastic fittings, creative water supply and sewerage solutions, water treatment systems, trenchless pipe construction and overhaul; l ISK Ltd.: new construction and renovation of buildings and structures, including mountain tunnel engineering; l Promarmatura Ltd.: manufacture and marketing of protectively coated pipe fittings. In their work, Vodokanalstroy specialists employ cutting-edge construction technology. l Pipe sanitation involving the use of polymer products and flexible temporary replacement piping; l Horizontal precision drilling; l Pipe pressure-cleaning; l Trenchless pipe construction and overhaul with the aid of pneumatic punching machines and small-size hydraulic machines; l Water pipe and sewer repair using the Phoenix Process and the U-Liner process; l Welding of straight and bent pipes using special-purpose welding technology; l Manufacture of protectively coated shut-off devices; l Monolithic concreting and water-sealing of reservoirs with the help of capillary systems; l Industrial recharging of high-speed filters and contact clarifiers. All Vodokanalstroy technology has successfully passed field adaptation at construction sites and has been tested and industrially implemented by Vodokanalstroy group member companies.

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