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For the time of its works Sobor has made a great contribution to the history of restoration of historical face of St. Petersburg. The specialists of the company took part in restoration and reconstruction of a series of architectural monuments. Among them there are Znamenskaya Church, Katherines Palace with the Church of the Icon of Kazan Gods Mother in Pushkin (the chief architect of the project is Maya Andreevna Reeder), The Cathedral of the Icon of Vladimir Gods Mother in Kronshtadt and Nikholskaya curtain in State Museum Perer and pauls Fortress(the main architect of the project isNina Pavlovna Nicolaeva), The State Academic Chapel, The Posolsky lobby, The Main and the South gates of the Hermitage, GMZ Pavlovsk, Russian National Library and many others. The main value of the Sobor company is its staff, with their professional qualification and experience, capable of carrying out any order for design, construction and restoration. The Head of the architects office of Sobor is Alla Tigranovna Smirnova, who has been engaged in design woks for many years. The chief designer of the company Viacheslav Tihonovich Grozdov is an expert and a leading specialist of KGIOP in the field of architectural monuments. Many generations of designers learned by his books. He makes important decisions when complicated problems in restoration of fully lost fragments of monuments and technologies appear (such as, examination of the top of the Alexandrine Column before mounting the statue of angel or restoration of the flagstaff constructions on the roof of the Hermitage). Competent restore-designers and architects who have large experience in the field of design and restoration works form the main part of the staff. There are gifted young specialists in the company. Reconstruction and restoration of the St. Marias church situated in Bolshaya Konushennaya street have taken particular place in the history of Sobor. In 2000 the company won a tender of carrying out works at the project, having been chosen out of 10 restoration companies (foreign ones among them). The customer was Finnish church assistance Helsinki a foreign investor who financed the reconstruction completely. In the times of Soviet regime, a church was 3-storey building where a House of Nature was located. The restorers were occupied with dismantling of the floors then they restored the worn out frameworks and changed the roofing. Now it is a fully accomplished project which was headed by Vladimir Alekseevich Lomakin, an experienced section manager. This year the project was put into operation and the president of Finland, the counsel and the ambassador who witnessed the event were thankful to notice a good quality of the executed works. Sobor has almost completed its works in the Znamenskaya Church what is left unfinished is the facade and the portico only, but two years ago city government stopped supporting the project which stopped the restoration works. The firm presented six porcelain icons to the church and it marked the beginning of the first porcelain iconostasis in Russia. The icons are done by Lev Stepanovich Solodkov, the chief artist of the company, a member of the International Academy of Arts. The company is planning to undertake the project which is carried out with financial support of The Bank of Reconstruction and Development that is the restoration of the pavilion Temple of Freindship in Pavlovsk, built by project of Charles Cameron in accordance with the order of empress Maria Fyodorovna in honor of Catherine the second. Despite the fact that to date the pavilion has preserved its exterior appearance, the building requires substantial repairment. The original brickwork is damaged, so is the plaster layer on the walls and columns, stylobate incrustation is destroyed, also destroyed is the roofing and the lantern light. In accordance with the assignment the pavilion should be thoroughly restored and what was lost should be built anew. Thorough technical examination of the object has been already done and all the architectonic measurements have been carried out. The chief architect of the project is Maya Andreevna Reeder. One more project where the company actively carries out its design and restoration works is the church of Smolensk icon of Gods Mother in the Valaam monastery. The church built in 1914 as a memorial of the victims of the 1st World War is now in ruins. The roof is completely lost. By the beginning of the XXth century metallic girders had totally replaced traditional stone vaults in construction of churches. In the course of time the metallic girders gradually corroded and in fact turned into foil. The specialists of Sobor have strengthened the attic floor, made a new roof, restored the walls that were partly destroyed because after the revolution they were simply taken to pieces to gain construction material. Now the external look of the church has been completely restored, interior restoration works are being planned. Galina Grigorievna Ulianchenko is the chief architect of the project. The specialists of Sobor engaged in the revival of the historical face of St. Petersburg and its suburbs, carry out the commissioned works creatively, with understanding and tactfulness. Sobor St. Petersburg 20 Jakubivich str. Tel./fax (812) 314-6683

: 12.11.2002
Irina Toldova
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