Technospetsstal-ECO: The Era of Clean Water Has Begun

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«Our company has developed and patented a new water purification process that requires no chemical reagents,» explains Technical Director Victor Alpin, «The core version of this purification sequence includes multistage filtering, ozonization, electric coagulation and UV treatment, which remove all harmful admixtures while preserving the natural beneficial properties of the water. It is important to note that this purification process involves no chemical reagents, state change, hyper-filtering, or any other process tampering with the natural water composition. Our process gets rid of mechanical admixtures and microorganisms without affecting the contents of useful salts and minerals required by the human body. Depending on source water quality, the process may be shortened or extended to include, for instance, sorption treatment, softening, etc. All modules of the process have been hygienically tested and certified for compliance.» Armed with its new, advanced know-how, Technospetsstal-ECO has launched the manufacture of drinking water stations with varying configurations and output. Investment in construction and start-up was minimal, and the operating costs are very low. The stations are intended for a variety of applications: household (home and dacha); medium-sized stations for cafeteria, offices, kindergartens, whole buildings, institutions and organizations; industrial water stations producing up to 10,000 cubic meter/hour. Technospetsstal-ECO also supplies solid household waste treatment plants using waste-free resource-conserving processes, capable of treating 20,000 tons or more annually. Employing percolation burning in super-diabatic modes, this technology can handle any solid household waste in any part of the world, including waste with high ash content and humidity (also water source sediment), performing to very high environmental standards at a relatively low cost. The superior quality of the services rendered by Technospetsstal-ECO, and the unmatched benefits of the company’s equipment are now well-known to many industries in St. Petersburg, Moscow area, Yakutia (ALROSA ), Vologda, Arkhangelsk and other Russian cities and regions, as well as Newly Independent States (Belarus, Kazakhstan, and others). The company is currently involved in a number of major projects, and its business is rapidly expanding. TECHNOSPETSSTAL-ECO 35 Marshala Govorova ul., 198095 St. Petersburg, Russia Tel. (812) 118-1946, 118-1947 Fax: (812) 252-7584 Email:,

Дата: 12.11.2002
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