The city will stand, while its gardens are rustling...

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Tavrichesky Garden is our current priority, says Sajaya, One of St. Petersburgers favorite recreational spots, it must be fixed as soon as possible. This year, the company is set to carry out Rbl 14 million worth of work on the garden. Government funding for Tavrichesky Garden was brokered by V.M. Golman, President of the St. Petersburg Association of Construction Companies and deputy of the citys Legislative Assembly, who was among the initiators of the restoration project. The garden has been remodeled and rebuilt more than once already. Our primary concern in restoring historical parks and gardens is to remain true to the original layout. In this, we are assisted by the designers of Studio #9 of LenNII-proyekt, whose drawings first have to be approved by the Committee for Public Use and Conservation of Landmarks. Then we step in and commence our restoration work. We are working in close collaboration with Raritet, a construction and restoration firm responsible for the bulk of the work on Tavrichesky Garden. It will be years, of course, before the sapling trees become big enough to restore its former shade and enchantment to the garden. Once this happens, the restoration of this magnificent masterpiece of garden architecture will finally be complete. It will once again delight us with its verdant splendor. The garden may have changed somewhat since it was created more than 200 years ago. But, a fairly typical landscaped park reminiscent of a natural forest with open glades, coppices and thickets, it has not, and will never lose its romantic charm. We will soon be starting work on the Konstantinovsky Park around the Grand Palace in Strelna, which is currently in restoration continues Sajaya, We will be joining forces with many other companies. The work has to be finished by May 20, 2003. Later on, we may be contracted to restore the Derzhavin Garden in the Merchant Harbor of Petrodvorets Lower Park. We want everyone to realize it is our duty to conserve and protect the oases of greenery. They are the citys lungs that help it breathe. Demna Sajaya is right. The city parks are something we enjoy daily. They are our city and our world. Each has its own unique destiny. These wonderful manmade creations are now being restored to our great city and its people. The city will abide while its gardens and parks are rustling in the breeze Zelenstroyrestavratsiya SUC 5 Malaya Posadskaya ul., St. Petersburg, el. (812) 233-4977

: 12.11.2002
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