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Lets Wait with the Wash-Out till 2002. The Governor Answers Questions of the Readers Dear Vladimir Anatolievich! Whats up with liquidation of the wash-out between metro-stations Lesnaya and Muzhestva Square? When will be the damaged line put into operation again? Respectfully, the family of Sinelnikov, Grazhdanka habitants. If recently weve had problems with crediting foreign contractors on the wash-out, now all the questions are decided. I guess, by the end of 2002 that will be done with the wash-out and trains will run again from Lesnaya to Muzhestva Square. We mustnt forget that in other districts under earth there are dozens kilometers of ready tunnels, intended for opening of the new metro stations. Now Bogatyrskaya and the changing junction of Frunzensky radius under Sennaya Square are being built. Soon well work on Admiralteyskaya station. Why do we face difficulties when building metro stations? Financing is the main purpose. Nowhere in the world they finance building of metro from city budget. There exist federal programs for this. And last year Moscow assigned us only 150 million roubles when our city earmarked 1200 million to metro constructors and service workers. And never the less, despite the difficulties with financing, for last five years weve almost every put into operation a new metro station. Sportivnaya, Chkalovskaya, Staraya Derevnya these stations appeared on the city map not long ago. We wont stop in future. Financial Plan of Petersburg for the Period till 2005 The main indexes of the perspective financial Saint Petersburg plans calculations are based on forecast macro economical indexes worked out by Committees for Economics, Industrial Politics and Investments, regarding the forecast of Russian Federation social economic development. Succession of this year budget and the perspective financial plan for the period till 2005 let the city government preserve the main priorities that can be seen through last years, regarding solving of the immediate problems, arising today: reduction of tax bondage on the city enterprises; increasing of salaries in the budget sphere; providing institutions of the budget sphere with the means for paying communal services; reduction of the citys debt; preparation and marking of the Saint Petersburgs 300th anniversary. American Investments into Leningrad Region Continue This May the governor of Leningrad region visited USA. During his one-week journey he organized several meetings and talks of Russian delegation with the leading American businessmen, economists and politicians. On May, 22, right after return, Valery Serdukov met with the journalists to share impressions. Attracting new investments into Leningrad regions economy, strengthening of the earlier concluded treaties became the main result of the visit. Russia and Belorus: Union Construction After signing the intergovernmental Russian-Belorussian treaty relation went to a new level. Our vis-a-vis is the secretary-in-charge of the Union Parliament Gathering Vladimir Aksenov. Vladimir Alexandrovich, how do you appreciate todays situation and perspectives of our countries cooperation? Perspectives of Russian and Belorussian businessmens cooperation are caused be the common tonus of integration process. The Soviet Union destroyed, our republics immediately stopped all economical relations. The quicker we realize these decisions were pernicious, the more productive will our cooperation be. Today the Union construction proceeds very slowly. Low financing is one of the factors, hampering our cooperation. Judge yourself: our budget amounts only at 2400 million roubles. This is only one thousands part of Russian budget. The figures demonstrate well the authorities attitude to the Unions development. Never the less, despite difficult conditions the Union does have future. The both sides are interested in cooperation. Im sure uniting Russias and Beloruss forces well make a real through-out. Historical Center: Preservation and Development Conception The city government approved Conception of the general plan on preserving and developing Saint Petersburgs historical center. We propose it to our re-aders. This Conception is worked out to determine the long-term strategy and stages of the watched territorys development, its functional and planning organization, to proceed from its resource potential, rational nature usage and goals of historical-cultural heritage preservation. Metrobeton: solid, safe and dynamical Metrobeton is known in our city and North-West region as producer of marketable concrete and goods of it. The company produces tubing for metro, containers for keeping and utilizing of radio-active wastes, road tile, motor-launches, frames for paintings, etc. The firm always participates in the citys most important projects. We talk to the Metrobeton general director Vlagimir Condratenko. BAUFACH2001 Petersburg Construction Center in cooperation with the exhibition complex Leipziger Messe at participation of the Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region governments and informational support of Petersburg Construction Market magazine are forming the delegation for visiting the biggest International construction fair BAUFACH2001, which will be held in Leipzig (Germany) October, 2328, 2001. The main particularity of the Fair is the expositions richness, demonstrating the widest spectrum of building materials, constructions, technologies, machinery and techniques, ready buildings and services. This year the following sections will be presented to the visitors: Building chemicals and buildings protection; Doors, windows, gates, facade systems, protection against the sun; Internal finishing and apartments furnishing; Old and panel houses sanation (technologies, techniques, lift-transport equipment); Ecological and industrial building, recycling; Building of streets and roads; Ready building; Building machinery, devices, instruments, wood and casing; Informational and communicational techniques, technologies and systems; Equipment and rigging of architectural, planning, construction offices, etc. The Russian construction industry is the novelty of BAUFACH2001. In the center of attention there will be questions of cooperation in construction and investment sphere. The journey program will include visiting of the federal organs, enterprises (the interesting direction can be ordered beforehand), wide cultural program. Visiting of the Fair and talks will be provided by interpreter. Petersburg Construction Market magazine (an official informational sponsor of Leipziger Messe) is preparing a special bilingual (Russian-English) issue. All companies interested in new contacts on BAUFACH2001 can give information about their activities on our special issues pages. Additional information can be got in our editorial office, tel./fax: (812) 443-2651, 328-6412 (contact Alexander Simonovsky) or in Petersburg Construction Center (address: 197342, Saint Petersburg, Torzhkovskaya st., 5; tel. (812) 431-0960, fax (812) 431-0961, e-mail: , contact Natalia Shaforostova (for BAUFACH2001), Irina Rykhlova (for Housing Fair in Kajani (Finland). Building Constructions and Housing Engineering Equipments Bio-destruction and Modern Protective Technologies It is obvious that many building surfaces (bricks, concrete, plaster, wood) are exposed to biological influence of microorganisms, that changes for the worth there look, becomes source for making unpleasant sphere and destroys the attacked materials. Saint Petersburgs geographical location determines its difficult climate conditions, where the buildings are strongly influenced to bio-destruction. Its necessary to begin struggle with them on early stages to prevent there further spreading. Today our city began serious work in this direction: the micological tests necessary for the whole ecological valuation of the locals, good for exploitation, are held. Nice Facades to the Great City Demands for quality of the buildings external walls are becoming higher in our city. They produce finishing works using painting materials which differ by prescription, features and economical characteristics. Right choose of coverings is important for the further building constructions protection and safety. Painting is one of the most often kinds of finishing, having wide color possibilities. For making necessary color sphere paint can be rather effectively used for both buildings facades and interiors. In the interiors the demands for paints long-living are not very strict. As to exteriors they are determining because of paint coverings renewing difficulties in conditions of multi-storied buildings. According to conditions of exploitation, the paint coverings can be divided into several main groups: stable in interiors, stable in atmosphere, stable in water, stable in cold, stable in fire, stable to chemical reagents influence, etc. But more often they serve to these aims in complex, helping to create this or that architectural decor inside and outside the building, preserving at the same time construction materials from the influence of environmental sphere. The Thermoplastic Pipes and Pipe-lines Find More Often Use in Construction Industry Production of polymer pipes and details for pipe-lines is a perspective direction in chemical industry. Russia holds second place in the world after USA in the length of pipe-lines (about 2 million km external and about 15 million km internal). The grade of the aged nets is very high. About 50 thousand km are almost worn, more than 5 thousand were laid about a century ago. About 40% of all pipe-lines need major repairs. The most unhappy situation is in Central, Volgo-Viatsky, Povolzhsky, Uralsky and North-Caucasus region. There the pipe-lines are worn to 60%. There is necessity to build new engineering networks. Modern level of their development in Russia remains behind the growing demands of the population. Their structure is irrational and metal-consuming. More than 70% of pipe-lines in Russia are made of steel and only 30% are of non-metal materials. In European countries the share of steel pipes doesnt exceed 2030%. To proceed from modern trends, Gosstroy of Russia adopted several normative acts, determining preferential usage of polymer pipes when building and repairing engineering communications. The sphere of their usage is extremely wide. They are used for internal networks, city communal networks, main pipe-lines, enterprises engineering networks. The change of metal pipes by polymer is determined by quality of the last.

: 12.11.2001

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