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Page 6 Construction Worker Day-2003 in St. Petersburg
On the 6th of August in the Building Committee of St. Petersburg was held a press conference, dedicated to professional holiday of builders in Russia Construction Worker Day. By tradition on the eve of professional holiday the builders summed up the balance of the work, discussed prospects.

Page 7 Dedicated to Construction Worker Day professionals achievements
The article is about exhibition Week of Construction in Moscow region.

Page 10 The main thing: basis and foundation
Experience on high-rise building construction in foreign countries

Page 14 Waterproofing compounds: count when buy!
In the article there are recommendations how to choose waterproofing compounds.

Page 19 Fire risk of outer warming systems for walls.
The narration is about the method of firing tests for outer warming systems for building walls.

Page 21 II Educational and Practical Seminar in Novosibirsk
Program of the seminar included three problems:
1) About experience of application of facade systems on the basis of Minerit slabs;
2) About difficulties of conducting of work at hinged ventilated fronts;
3) About modern trends in stairs construction.
The organizer of the seminar is joint-stock company Lommeta.

Page 22 Facade cassettes is modern solution for facade systems.
Taldom-Profile company tells about its production.

Page 26 Technokom: facade elegance and safe glass
The article is about translucent facade constructions made only of safe glass by Technokom Group Co.

Page 28 A warm house
Pilot plant of dry blends is a pioneer in developing of domestic sandwich system warm house for facades finishing.

Page 30 Facade systems from producer quality assurance
The article is about advantages of ventilated facade application in modern construction.

Page 33 Russia is building up
The article is about ventilated facades by BREVITOR Company.

Page 34 ISM-front ventilated facade system
ISM-front company offers complex solutions for ventilated and glass fronts.

Page 36 Modern technologies of heat-insulating and finishing of facades
Gained experience of Skala company lets offer construction of facades of any design and architectural complexity to the customers.

Page 37 Either Kraspan, or to be won!
Ventilated facades systems by Kraspan company are applied in all regions of Russia. Representative offices of the company are in 35 cities. Specialists of building sector tell about facade system Kraspan.

Page 45 With new achievements into the new century
Iskitimskiy slate plant represents its innovations hinged front panel Dekopan-Kram and roofing material Dekopan-Color.

Page 47 Ventilated facades from color aluminum
A lot of facade cladding materials exist, however many architectures and designers prefer to use preliminary color aluminum plates. The narration is about material produced by firm Alcan.

Page 48 Rautarukki: Finnish quality
Finnish concern Rautarukki specializes in roofing steel production during 15 years and is a heavy and famous supplier of this production not only in Finland but also far outside. One more priority direction of the concern activity is developing and production of paint coats for facade and roof systems.

Page 49 ISOVER and ART renewed facade of Navy archives building
The facade is completed with application of modern technology hinged ventilated construction Sem-System.

Page 52 The right windows assembling
One may assert that windows consumer characteristics half depend on its right assembling. Mistakes in assembling of the best window case may reduce to zero its magnificent quality. In the article the narration is about three main principles of window placing.

Page 54 VELUX represents new generation of dormer-windows. VELUX production is well-known to the professionals. During its lifetime the firm introduced several revolutionary innovations. Beginning of the new millenium was marked by one more technological revolution: introduction of new generation dormer-windows.

Page 56 Accessories for windows: important details.
Round-table discussion with representatives of leading companies that produce window accessories.
Page 58 Fire-resistant glazing: myths and reality
During last time dynamics stable increasing is observed
In most modern buildings the area of glass constructions occupies from 45% to 75% of facade space. With all the advantages glass constructions have their flaws in the view of safety.

Page 60 New generation of windows
Anplast company entered window market 8 years ago and gained huge experience during this period. Specialists of the company consider window profiles by Brugmann AD the most satisfied in the view of price-quality ratio.

Page 61 Engineering protection of territories, buildings and lodgments.

Page 63 Metal sections by straitened bending
Ulyanovsk NIAT performs Straitened bending method which allows to obtain most of sections in 4-6 passages, and sections of heightened complexity in 8 passages.

Page 64 Bridges in tomorrow
In May in Leningrad region there was a grand opening of new road bridge over the river Mga. The new bridge is a part of motor road St. Petersburg Petrokrepost, which connects Northern Capital with towns Shlisserburg and Kirovsk. The bridge was built on the place of old bridgework that became worthless. The article is about new plans of the Road Committee of Leningrad region also.

Page 66 Production and application of expansible welded framed constructions
Serial production of complex spatial framed constructions with wide spectrum of application is not arranged because of necessity to often readjust automated equipment according to the customer demand and because of the constructions transportation complexity to the place of assemblage. The offer is- to solve such problems by application of expansible welded framed constructions.

Page 68 Solar energy installation
The article tells about the possibility of alternative production of electrical energy and its economy at the expense of energies of salt pond and trench with ice in summer period of work. For example, on the constructional materials production plants, that use electrical energy while producing compressed air.

Page 72 Fire resistant panel constructions
The article is about panels by joint-stock company AZNH-M, made of domestic manufacture materials.

Page 73 ICF Aeroportstroy-Petropanel: quickness, quality, reliability of construction
In Russia there are not many companies that are ready to provide the whole spectrum services of complete delivery and mounting of buildings and sandwich panels. One of the recognized leaders in this sphere in North-West region of Russia is Industrial Construction Firm Aeroportstroy-Petropanel

Page 74 Bituminous- polymeric materials: validity of application, nuances.

Page 77 Ventilating systems for pitched roofs
Comfort and safety of modern country-houses in many respects are defined by roof quality. Building roof will serve for a long time and wont give any unpleasant surprises if it is built according to all rules of engineering art. One of the most important elements of right roof arrangement is creation of ventilating system under the roof.

Page 78 Is it possible to teach a roof to breathe?
It is known that the main occupation of domestic roofers is roofs repairs. State of most flat roofs leaves much to be desired, for many people flat roof became a perpetual problem. So what is the reason of repairs inefficiency?

Page 81 ALKORPLAN new generation roof
Construction Company SKALA represents its new technology of modern flat roof arrangement with application of PVC membrane ALKORPLAN.

Page 82 Pural roof for 300000 cottages
Pural coating made on the basis of polyurethane produced by Rautarukki plant, entered the market in 1996. During this time the output of this material made up 60 million square meters. With such quantity it is possible to coat 300000 cottages with roofing area 200 squire meters each.

Page 83 Penetrating Lahta
say no to water
Joint-stock company Rastro produces materials for penetrating damp course Lahta. This material is essential for flashing of tunnels, foundations, underground production areas and garages, pools.

Page 87 Stromix damp course with penetrating effect
Principle of operation of Stromix material lies in penetrating of reactive agents under the influence of osmotic pressure into capillary-porous structure of concrete, where they interact with cement components and form insoluble filamentary crystals, that fill up microcracks in concrete.

Page 88 Only comprehensive approach guarantees success
Damp course of underground and deepened Building parts. Materials and technologies.

Page 90 There is no better coating than
OSK yet
At present there is a great deal of paintwork materials in the market, but among all of them production of Morozovskiy Chemical Plant rises above.

Page 92 Marketing news by KNAUF Company in St. Petersburg
KNAUF Company presents: training unit KNAUF acoustics, for a technician for mechanization of building work.

Page 94 Reliable corrosion protection universal coating by VMP Company
Improving of corrosion protection of constructions and manufacture is an important task for different sectors of the economy. One of the effective solutions is application of paint coats produced by research-and-production enterprise VMP.

Page 97 Nondestructive check devices
Nowadays there is necessity in operational control of wide spectrum of physical properties at different stages of construction products production and exploitation. Karat enterprise, the developer and producer of nondestructive check devices, tells about its products.

Page 98 Concrete production in Russia: totals and prognosis
During 5 years increase of efficiency in concrete sector makes up 3 million tons in a year. However specialists consider that it is not enough. If proceed from prognosis of country complex construction development, then in 5-6 years need for concrete may rise to 45-46 million tons in a year.

Page 100 The quality of concrete yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Kubitek company from Byelorussia tells about main components in production of high-quality concrete.

Page 101 MC-BAUCHEMIE additives for concrete
One of the main activity directions of MC-BAUMAN Co.-Russia is production of additives for concrete.

Page 102 Domestic additives for concrete
Polyplast company presents additives for concrete: superplasticizer C-3, plastisizers Linamix, concrete modifier PFM-NLK, antifreeze agent C-3M-15.

Page 103 High-quality additives for concrete
ICT Group Co. (distributor of Saint-Gobain Concern), which presents on Russian market series of high-quality products made of glass fiber, tells about its products.

Page 104 StroyLine Plus: quality + broad assortment
The narration is about StroyLine Plus company, the directions of its activity are: filling floor; light-frame industrial buildings; roofing work; heat insulation of fronts; repair and finishing work.

Page 105 TAPCO Company represents new construction technologies by TAPCO INTERNATIONAL Corporation
The narration is about equipment produced by TAPCO Company.

Page 107 Reforms are carried out even in the world of buttons.
The article is about different systems of prefabricated barwires and new series of RMQ Titan control buttons by German electrotechnical company Moeller.

Page 108 Power supply of buildings and constructions in countryside.

Page 111 KosmoElectro: solution for electrical supply tasks
The articles are about KosmoElectro company producer of wide spectrum of switchboard production, that meet Russian and European standards.

Page 113 Electrical distribution boards of XL series
The narration is about electrical boxes by Legran, meant for production of main, secondary and terminal low-voltage switchboards in office buildings and industrial buildings.

Page 114 Automatic breakers COMPACT NS: from past into future
The article is about automatic breakers COMPACT NS by Schneider Electric company. The breakers have extraordinary high breaking ability, on the basis of reflex switching-off.

Page 117 Electrical equipment overvoltage protection
TRABTECH technology by German company PHOENIX CONTACT GMBH&CO.KG.

Page 118 STYROFOAM Universal heat-insulation
The narration is about heat-insulation materials by DAU UPON Gmbh, company.

Page 120 We invite you to AQUA THERM Exhibition
International exhibition AQUA-THERM will take place in Ubileyniy palace of sport (St. Petersburg) from the 7th till the 10th of October.

Page 125 Energy- and resource-saving TANSU equipment
The article is about TANSU plant producer of boilers that work on different types of fuel and meant for autonomous heating and hot water supply of living quarters and industrial buildings.

Page 126 Energy-saving systems by TERMOTECH RUS
For the time being Termo Tech water systems for warm floors are installed in more than 6000 objects. The warm floor heating system saves about 12-15% of electrical power in comparison with traditional radiator system.

Page 128 Strategic weapons for Russian Housing and Communal Services
Russian engineering and construction company Arctika elaborated and built an advanced energy mini-plant (power unit), which generates electricity, warmth and compressed air for sewerage system processing. The power unit is recommended for trenchless technology for pipes reconstruction.

Page 130 Construction pack: the system to achieve success
The article is about new informational program Construction pack-this is regular post delivery of envelopes of the firms with advertising enclosures of the companies.

Page 131 Intellectual building in XXI century. Creation of optimum habitat
The narration is about AVOK Committee work. Intellectual buildings and informating-controlling systems.

Page 133 Polymeric geomembranes standard of reliability
Hydrocolor company represents method of antifiltering devices design with polymeric geomembranes application.

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