Problems of introducing progressive construction technology into Russia

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Its relevance is conditioned by a number of causes, the main one of which is the necessity of restoring old and building new facilities for the construction industry, restoring the prestige of Russian construction science, the creation of new jobs in the branch industry, and the lowering of unnecessary increases in the cost of building. The broad expansion of imported materials and technologies characterized the initial period of the transition to a market economy in Russia led to paralysis and sometimes to a complete halt in many domestic enterprises, and to a significant growth in the price of building materials. Since the mid-90s, there has been an active attempt to overcome this situation, as a result of which domestic producers and entrepreneurs of various kinds of companies, manufacturing fully viable and competitive products, have made their debut on the Russian market. And it was precisely at this time that the need for building for the middle-class and low-incomes groups became a priority. A solution to this problem lies in lowering the cost of building, which is one of the advantages of the broader adaptation of progressive technologies and materials. Medium and small-scale enterprises engaged in practical construction find it difficult to stay abreast of the latest developments; moreover, the introduction and adoption of newer technologies is virtually impossible for them. The most promising solution in this situation we see in creating specialized centers for coordinating the activities of various organization of the branch industry, beginning with scientific research and design institutions and ending with building companies. Today such centers already exist and function successfully in different regions of Russia, proving their effectiveness in action. In particular, in 2000 in Moscow, the International Promotional Center for Building Technologies, MVTsST, was established, which now actively develops and introduces new building systems. In addition, the Center offers a full range of modern, effective solutions for erecting of an entire building, with all its parts-from its foundations and walls, to the roof and interior systems. All of this promotes the maximal lowering of costs of buildings and facilities. The MVTsST includes many building organizations and enterprises from Yugoslavia, the Baltic Region, and the Moscow region, Povolzhe, Udmurtia, the Urals, the Altai region, and other regions of Russia. Cooperation with Eastern European community of experts (Germany) is also developing. MVTsST coordinates the activities of the members of the center and offers them the necessary engineering support (receiving licenses, certificates, seeking out customers, etc.). Joint activity allows us to achieve significant results in developing new progressive systems and technologies. As a result, the Center can offer not just disparate technologies, but comprehensive solutions in design and building of all kinds of residential and industrial facilities. In addition MVTsST carries our informational support of its members during various building exhibitions, seminars, and also via the Internet.

Дата: 12.11.2001
O. A. VINOKHODOV, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MVTsST
"Петербургский строительный рынок" №10/1
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