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Kontakt Komfort LLC has marked its 5th anniversary this year. The company’s PVC production are: including window units in any configuration, porch and room doors, modules, pavilions, air locks, winter gardens, bay windows, balconies, office partitions and entire building facades using state-of-the-art technology supplied by URBAN, Haffner and GRAULE. Looking at the market of molded PVC products and the options of using them in the climatic conditions of north-western Russia, we made our choice in favor of the German GEALAN system. Needless to say, being a manufacturer of translucent structures, we render a turn-key service, including design, measurements and installation. Kontakt Komfort has a strong market position in north-western Russia, and enjoys a reputation as a good, dependable business partner. Company’s success is determined by: optimization business structure, technology and production processes. We have developed an attentive, personalized approach to every customer; and never miss our manufacture and delivery deadlines. Last but not least, our pricing policy is really flexible. As for the future, we are currently putting finishing touches on our new factory in St. Petersburg. We are proud to say that its technology, equipment and output capacity will be way ahead of any other similar manufacturing facility in Russia. We knew we wouldn’t be able to achieve this excellence if we didn’t have advanced international expertise to rely on, so we set out to study all the aspects of this sector of the construction industry, including logistics, new technology development, and the entire range of products, including and incidental to the design, manufacture and installation of metal/plastic window units. We decided to travel to Germany to study their expertise. It so happened that our scheduled trip very nearly missed the BAUFACH-2001 show in Leipzig, so we had to adjust our plans a little to attend it. During the show, we will join other professional builders in discussing the current trends in Russia’s construction services market. We are also hoping to find new partners. Our current German partners, GEALAN, are happy that Kontakt Komfort will be attending BAUFACH’s. Kontakt Komfort LLC 199048, 19/21 Smolenka Embankment, St.Petersburg, Russia Tel: +7 (812) 327-7302 Tel/Fax: +7 (812) 323-0766 E-mail: komfort@okna-spb.ru

Дата: 12.11.2001
Managing Director Alexey Kiselev
"Петербургский строительный рынок" №10/1
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