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We regularly publish information on companies aiding the development of the construction industry. EGO Translating Company, one such organization, has been our reliable and tested partner in recent years. In 2000 Ego Translating Company was awarded the «Russian National Olympus» in the nomination «Leading Medium and Small Businesses» and was named Best Socially-Significant Company of Russia by the Russian Federation Government and the Third Millennium Public Foundation. We talked to Natalya Klykova, EGO Translating Company project manager, about recent developments within the company and the range of new services for builders. — Natalya Alexandrovna, how can your company help Petersburg’s construction industry? — The anniversary of our hometown is also a landmark for our company, a date for which we are preparing in our daily work. We help organizations to establish contacts with foreign construction companies and investors, as well as with manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment. The company translates planning and legal documents in the construction field, including blueprints, technical descriptions, certificates and specifications, instructions for installation and use of construction equipment and construction sites, equipment catalogues and materials. — Do builders turn to EGO Translating only for translations of their technical documents? — Of course not. The same organizations need translations of other documents related to their business, including legal and financial documents (contracts, charters, charter agreements, bank letters, powers of attorney, correspondence and much more). We often receive requests to translate business plans and tender applications. By the way, translations of some documents can be certified by the translating agency or by a notary public. Our company provides such services. If documents must be legalized we can help affix the apostile of the Chief Directorate of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast. — Have you noticed any recent trends in translating? — Yes. Russian companies are now more actively seeking foreign partners and investors, and also participating in more international trade shows. We often receive business plans, commercial proposals and tender applications for translation. We have been translating more advertising information such as booklets, brochures, audio and video clips. Most of these companies already have sites on the Internet, and some have decided they need a foreign language version. In this case it is very important not only to translate the text well, but also to adapt it for foreign users, and ensure the style is correct and accessible for foreign language speakers. So when we translate Internet sites (and advertising materials) into foreign languages we always have a native speaker of the target language do the editing. By the way, our Information Technology Department can help you create your own site, all the way from design and development to placement and servicing on the Internet. I could also note that recently there have been an increasing number of requests from clients to provide interpreters during equipment installation, factory upgrade with the help of foreign partners, and also during internships and professional training. We provide interpreters specializing in various humanities and technical fields and possessing a wealth of practical experience. We can also provide simultaneous interpreters and modern conference equipment to interpret at conferences, seminars and negotiations, and also provide licensed tour guides and temporary personnel. — What does your company have new to offer foreign clients in the construction industry? — Over the past few years our company has performed technical translation for international projects (Blue Stream, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Khoryaga, Sakhalin-2 and others). Participation in these projects has helped us to find new Russian partners who specialize in obtaining permission from Gosgortekhnadzor, GOST RF certificates, fire safety certificates and inspections, metrological certificates, hygienic statements and evaluations. With our help foreign companies can find reliable and professional partners in Russia capable of translating and arranging for all the necessary documents to make their equipment work in Russia and providing project support. We offer discount rates on translation services for all construction companies. For more detailed information please contact our project manager: Natalya Alexandrovna Klykova.

Дата: 12.11.2001
Interview by Ilona YANKOVSKAYA
"Петербургский строительный рынок" №10/1
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