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Ч Mr. Schulmann, please tell us a little about the companyТs history. Ч We were founded in 1992. From the very start we determined that Gorelovo LTD will specialize in construction of housing and cottages. Over the years on the St. Petersburg construction market we completed 12 large apartment buildings, with the total area of about 70,000 square meters, mostly in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg. In 1999 Gorelovo LTD ranked seventh in the city in this respect. In 2000 our results are somewhat more modest, to be honest, and we rank 13th this year. Considering the construction marketТs saturation in St. Petersburg I believe the result is good enough. Ч Exactly which buildings did you build? Ч As I have said, thereТs quite a few. The very first building was completed by Gorelovo LTD in Yalgelovo, Lomonosov District of Leningrad Region. After that we worked mostly in the city. We built two large apartment buildings at Ulitsa Kommunarov, and our office is located in an annex nearby. In Kirovsky District, on Ulitsa Soldata Korzuna Gorelovo LTD completed another two buildings of elite housing. An interesting detail: we have a fountain in the yard of these buildings. Possibly, this is the only fountain of its kind in all of Kirovsky District. Overall, our housing stands out from among our competitors with its comfort and modern convenient layout, even though we target the middle class. I must mention here that the average price per square meter in our buildings is fairly low at $320. Additionally we provide our customers with different discounts, mortgage loans, etc. Ч What are your specific operations? Ч Gorelovo LTD is first and foremost a general contractor company. We have about 50 people working for us full-time. We mostly do the zero cycle, and our subcontractors do most of the work. We have a partnership agreement with GSSK (buildings on Soldata Korzuna and Partizana Germana), and GDSK (elite housing buildings on Ulitsa Tambasova). For specialized operation we contract Orgremstroi (they make our roofs), Trust No. 42 (sewage and sanitary engineering), and other companies. Draft projects are developed by different PTAM companies and Lenniigrazhdanproekt. Actually, recently we picked up the management function as well in the last several buildings we completed. Ч What are Gorelovo LTDТs plans for the nearest future? Ч One of our prospective projects is restoration of blocks 1Ч5 in Sosnovaya Polyana. We plan to build apartment buildings with no more than 4 stories and convenient layout here. Sosnovaya Polyana is a very clean area with a lot of trees. I think people would be interested to live in the city on the one hand and amidst nature on the other hand. There is another interesting project underway, and it is a 16-story apartment building on Ulitsa Doblesti. Ч There are many construction companies in the city. How is Gorelovo LTD different from your competition? Ч I think we differ in that we work enjoying stability. Indeed, we do not pursue large projects that would win pompous hype in mass media. We specialize in simpler business, building housing for ordinary city dwellers. And we also hear regularly that large projects collapse, and much bigger companies fail, and itТs no secret at all. Gorelovo LTD has been working for almost ten years and we never had one such episode. Our buildings are always completed on time and we meet our obligations before our partners, customers, clients and tenants. Over ten years weТve never had anyone complain about our work. Ч From all of us in the magazine, best wishes for success in the future. OOO GORELOVO LTD 198323, 118, block 1, Kommunarov, St.Petersburg, Russia Tel: +7 (812) 146-1129, 146-0401

ƒата: 12.11.2001
Interviewer Ч Mikhail Kulybin
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