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— Could you fill us in on your company’s background a little, Mr. Samarin? — Profstroy was established in 1997. The core of its staff consists of top professionals with impressive track records in the industry. We do the bulk of our business in general contracting. In just a few years, Profstroy has earned a good reputation in St. Petersburg’s market as a serious building contractor with very considerable resources. We owe our success mainly to our staff, who had brought their professional expertise and in-depth understanding of the construction market to the company. We are a dynamic, growing company. Initially an employer of 10, we currently employ 150. As a general contractor, we are fully qualified to handle any industrial or residential project, no matter how challenging. — How is your company different from other building contractors? — First of all, Profstroy operates its in-house production force. Operating sophisticated domestic and foreign-made equipment, our workers make concrete and manufacture complex reinforced concrete structures, including wall panels, slabs, beams, pillars, and so on. Profstroy products meet all the modern requirements for heat conservation.  Reinforced concrete panels or bricks with different facing options make good guarding structures. Due to their all-purpose nature, our three-ply reinforced concrete panels are ideal for both private homes and apartment blocks with any number of floors and of any architectural design. In addition to using Profstroy reinforced concrete products in our own construction, we market them in St. Petersburg. — Where have your reinforced concrete products been used? — We have supplied our products to Trust 36, Lentek and some other construction companies. We also supplied our products to such high-profile construction projects as the Caterpillar and Philip Morris factories. The names themselves say a lot about our quality. We certainly use our own reinforced concrete products in our construction products. Unless a building has outer brick wall surfaces, it can be fully built with Profstroy products. — Could you elaborate on your projects a bit, Mr. Samarin? — Our company has built a number of properties in the city, most of them residential. We were the general contractor for four buildings, and were subcontracted to build three more (as a subcontractor, we also supplied our reinforced concrete products). We are putting an individually designed 16-story brick building into operation on Gavrskaya Street this October. It’s a high-class housing complex with sophisticated architecture featuring mezzanines, bay windows, large balconies, a variety of gazebos and domes. We have also contributed to the new house on Sikeirosa Street as a subcontractor. In the 1st quarter of 2002, we will be delivering a 10-story paneled building at Glazurnaya and Professora Kachalova Streets. Based on our market studies and customer behavior watch, we had decided to design most of the apartments in that building with a single bedroom. Each apartment has more than 40 square meters of floor space, though, and is very attractively designed. In 1999, the Leningrad Region Government sponsored two «social» apartment blocks in Morozova community, Vsevolozhsk Municipality, which we also built. These buildings were for people who had lost their homes after a major fire. — Who are your subcontractors? — We are good partners with a number of construction specialists. For metal structures and plumbing, Profstroy usually subcontracts Lenmontazh; for building-wide electrical wiring and fixtures, we go to Lev; we subcontract low-power circuitry to Redicom; and elevators, to Vertikal. We also use the services of some other companies well known in the city. — Thanks for your interesting interview! On behalf of the St. Petersburg Construction Market magazine, I wish Profstroy continued success in business. Profstroy LLC 198320, 44 Svobody Street, St. Petersburg, Russia Tel: +7 (812) 311-1090, 141-1104, 141-6969, 141-1654 Fax: +7 (812) 141-1794 E-mail:

Дата: 12.11.2001
Vladimir Samarin was interviewed by Mikhail Kulybin
"Петербургский строительный рынок" №10/1
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