Tekhnostrom-stroitelstvo: we are not the newcomers in construction market

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Denesh Dulovich, at the beginning of the talk lets remind our readers about the history of your company. Our company was organized in May, 1998. Its a link of Tekhnostrom holding, one of the leading companies in mining and supplying of non-ore materials. The ex-workers of the famous firm Trust-20 of Glavleningradstroy (which has deep traditions and in old times was one of the leaders in brick-house construction (in the past they used to put into operation 250 square meters of housing per year) form the Tekhnostrom-stroitelstvos skeleton. Our workers brought all their experience, knowledge, skills, got in Trust-20, to the new company. Literally for three years weve gained reputation of a safe general contractor. How? Firstly, our status of Tekhnostroms daughter company plays an important role. Secondly, weve been known in the market as professionals, who had got good experience in Trust-20. We grew in difficult times of the August default, inflation, lack of potential investors in constructional sphere. Despite hard conditions we concentrated on searching of objects, strengthening of new connections, improving of our working principles. We began our activity in the marketplace by erection of a 114-apartment brick house in Kolomyagi village. We fulfilled all the works according to the schedule and obligations. What are the main directions of your activity today? We are involved in planning and building of high-class housing. Not long ago we finished to construct a 68-apartment house with an underground parking, an autonomic heating system, the internal engineering metal-plasticcommunications by German technology and the attics. It is located on Vassilievsky Island (42-a, 13th line). For building of houses monolithic frame weve acquired necessary equipment from Deutche Doka company. The house has been constructed of monolithic elements with the brick siding. It has been built according to all requirements necessary for high-class housing (individual gas boiling station, metal-plastic heating tubes, centralized water treatment, noiseless elevators, etc.). Our objects possess all necessary security systems. A special structure has been organized for serving the house. I need to stress that when planning the house we tried to consider all the habitants desires. On demand of Russkaya Skazka company we fulfilled stone works on the external walls of a 5-storeyed 80-apartment house in Polustrovo district. Could you, please, say a few words about your industrial base. Weve acquired an industrial base in Zaozernaya street (Kolomyagi village), consisting of two hangars. One of them is used for woodworking equipment, inventory, riggings. The second is used as a warehouse. Elevating machines we rent at the specialized organizations. We possess our own working cars. Denesh Dulovich, what objects will you construct soon? As to our companys development weve pursued very expert policy. Weve formed a list of addresses, where we are going to work in the future. Soon we begin to to construct the second part of a dwelling house on Vassilievsky Island. The project of a 6-storey high-class house in Vvedenskaya street is also worth attention. There will be 2-6-room apartments of different levels there. As well as a house on Vassilievsky Island it will possess own boiling station, Otis elevators, system of external observation. On Vvedenskaya, 21 it is planned the underground parking and the attics. Besides, we are continuing to construct a dwelling complex in 15, Reshetnikova street. We finished to erect a stone house in Shirokaya street in Poushkin and weve fulfilled preplanning of a new complex of houses in Leningradskaya street. Soon we begin the works there. The principle of Tekhnostrom-stroitelstvo is: cooperating with us client should get only pleasure. We want our houses to be really comfortable and safe. We construct high-class housing. And this imposes special responsibility, because often we have to build in the historical center of St. Petersburg. We analyze thoroughly the entire world experience, learn new technologies, trying to work according to traditions of the great masters, who built Petersburg. Tekhnostrom-Stroitelstvo Office 59, 5, Novgorodskaya st. St. Petersburg, Russia, 193144 Tel.: + 7 (812) 274-6343, 271-3747 Fax: + 7 (812) 271-5792

: 12.11.2001
Interviewed by Sophia Appolonova
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