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— On the BAUFACH-1999 we presented our woodworking plant’s production — houses of cylinder logs. They caused high private customer’s and construction companies’ interest and got their high quality confirmation. Since then our corporation has grown: the new daughter companies appeared, we came to the new marketplaces. We opened a depot of building materials Dachny Mir in Sertolovo, founded a construction company PetrospekStroy, acquired one more woodworking plant in Novgorod region. Petrospect’s products are well known all over Russia and even abroad. Today our main efforts are targeted on the Moscow market. Our pretty expensive high quality houses have gained high demand among Moscow customers. Thus being St. Petersburg’s company we also think a lot about our citizens. That’s why by the forces of PetrospecStroy, Petrospect’s product exclusive representative in the North-West region, we actively introduce new technologies on the Russian market. Our efforts are concentrated on development of technologies, which let to build warm and nice (at competitive prices for Petersburg market) houses. I speak about frame construction technology, widely used in Canada, Europe and Scandinavia. At the beginning of our activity we faced the prejudices of our possible customers with regard to these houses. But after consultations the clients understood a frame house acquisition to be the optimal decision. Today the customers call us desiring to build frame house. So this technology is rather popular and we are glad this is also our merit. Of cause we couldn’t forget about foam-concrete houses to be good alternative to the breaks. We are using this very technology constructing a new cottage village in Melnichny Ruchey. The frame-log houses is the last method we’ve learnt. This is a well-known, practically unusable technology. Frame-log house is the construction based on frames of different section planks filled in with cylinder logs. Thanks to dry antiseptic cylinder high quality logs our frame-log houses are nice and of high quality, as log hoses. Log details of short lengths usage and unified constructions let to build not expensive dacha houses which make good alternative to panel houses. This construction is indispensable for garages, guard houses, baths and other small buildings. So today our group is aimed to use maximally its potential. PetrospekStroy building company offers its clients ready houses of a very wide cost range. At the same time we use the most modern and safe technologies. Besides our corporation works actively in real estate of St. Petersburg. Petrospect introduces new products and develops regional activity. Today we are working for a new project. But this is the theme for the next interview.

Дата: 12.11.2001
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