Trust Sevzaptransstroy: 62 Years in Construction Market of Russia

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The Trust’s history In 1939 on the basis of the trust Sevzapstroyput there was founded SU-75 company renamed in 1954 into construction-assembling trust Sevzaptranstroy. Its goals are reconstruction and construction of railway, sea, river and air transport objects with the necessary infrastructure in the North-West of Russia. For the years of its existence the trust built and put into ope-ration more than 5 000 km of railways (including electrification) and a lot of objects of social importance in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia and former USSR. Here are the most grand of them: sea and river stations with the hotels in St. Petersburg; airports in Tallinn and Pskov; plant of ferro-concrete sleepers in Tver; Promstroyproekt and Lenvodokanalproekt Institutes in St. Petersburg; complex of buildings and facilities LVIMU (Le-ningrad Navy Engineer School named after admiral S. Makarov in Strelna (now State Navy Academy); complex of buildings of ZDV and VOSO School (railway troops and military communications named after M. Frunze) in Petrozavodsk; calculation center of Oktyabbrskaya Railway in St. Petersburg; Railway Hospital with laboratory block in St. Petersburg; polyclinic in a town of Velikije Luki; supermarket in a town of Tosno. Today More attention is paid in modern Russia to development of new sea, railway and motorway communications. This is a pledge of successful functioning of the state’s economy. As one of the biggest specialized enterprises in the North-West of Russia the Trust takes an active part in realization of the most all-Russia projects connected with sea, railway and motorway construction. Over last years the trust has fulfilled engineering preparation of the access railways to the planned ports in Ust-Luga and Batareinaya bight, to high-speed motorway St. Petersburg – Moscow, etc. Since May, 2000 the trust has taken part in construction of the oil-carrying terminal in Primorsk. This is one of the most grand and perspective projects in the modern Russian economy. The trust’s specialists fulfil engineering pre-paration on the port facilities for oil transshipping, construct offices on the oil-pier, engineering networks on the oil-berths and access platform, a base of sea special department with engineering networks and buildings of the identification-checking point, an industrial-technical block, pumping stations and roads. Today the trust successfully masters modern technology of earth way construction for the Circle road round St. Petersburg. It’s a very perspective direction promising new grand orders. The managers of the Trust Sevzaptransstroy gamble on strengthening of the technical and industrial potential and active introduction of new progressive technologies. Igor Nikonov. Born in 1939 in Leningrad. Graduated from Leningrad Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (specialization: Railways construction, ways and way’s equipment); Faculty of Industrial production and construction at the Leningrad Engineer-Economical Institute. From 1981 till 1984 as a specialist on civil construction worked with official business mission in Mozambique Republic. From 1985 – deputy director of Trust Sevzaptransstroy. Since 1999 – general director of the Trust. 191023, 34, Sadovaja, St. Petersburg, Russia Tel./fax +7 (812) 310-1194

Дата: 12.11.2001
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