The Group of Companies Bureau of Air Conditioning Technique

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The Group of Companies Bureau of Air Conditioning Technique is a partnership of companies who can solve all the problems in the field of a buildings internal engineering systems air heating, ventilation, conditioning and cooling; cool and hot water supply, centralized dust-cleaning and engineering systems made in the process of buildings construction, automation and integration. The geography of our projects is very wide. We have worked not only in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, but also in Kandalaksha and Svetogorsk, Novosibirsk and Jakutsk and in the south of Russia. After putting into operation our first projects in Moscow, understanding that our company is competitive in this region we organized a representative office of Bureau of Air Conditioning Techniques there. ZAO Bureau of Air Conditioning and Cooling Technique has existed since 1991 with a base of Leningrad Technological Institute of the Refrigerating Industry (now St. Petersburg University of Low Temperature and Food Technologies). For 10 years of its existence the company has developed in several directions: air ventilation and conditioning systems; cool-supplying systems; heat utilization systems; heating systems including heat units and boilers; cool and hot water-supplying systems; centralized dust-cleaning systems; automation and control systems; guarantee and service maintenance; own production organization; software calculations; scientific-research and experimental-construction works. Despite the variety of our activity we have always worked with complex systems of air conditioning that demand a great volume of calculations and decisionmaking explanations. ZAO World of Cold has existed since February 1996. It is specialized in planning; construction-assembling works; ventilation and conditioning systems guarantees and service maintenance; centralized dust-cleaning for medium and small projects of different purposes from trade centers and restaurants to cottages, apartments and banks. OOO BTK-Components has existed since 1999 on the premises of ZAO Bureau of Air Conditioning and Cooling Technique founded in 1996. The goal of the enterprise is to produce and sell components of air ventilation and conditioning systems. A wide variety of article is produced: dissipation silencers; backward valves; spiral air deflectors; shaped articles; pocket filters; fat separators for drawing out awnings; diffusers; ventilation lattices of steel and aluminium; heat recuperators and other components for both round and rectangular cutting systems. The quality of our products corresponds to European demands important for products of this class. On the premises of BTK-Kompnenty there has been founded a scientific-experimental laboratory, which allows us to work out and introduce into production the newest types of wares. ZAO BTK-PROcessor has existed since 2000 with the goal of restoring complex researches in the field of modern technologies specialized in working out software for ventilation, conditioning and heating systems calculations and planning, and for acoustic and aerodynamic calculations. The company fulfils projects and carries out works in the field of engineering systems automation and integration, when constructing buildings and facilities. It also calculates projects on founding unified automated system for buildings operating BMS (calculating projects of Intellectual house). OOO World of Cold-Variant has existed since 2000 with the goal of providing the group of companies Buro Tekhniki and other Russian enterprises and organizations with high quality and competitive climate equipment. The company is the exclusive distributor of the Remak company (Check Republic) and the CIAT company (France) in the North-West of Russia. OOO Baltic Air conditioning Sistems has existed since 2000. Its founders are Buro Tekhniki Konditsionirovanija i Okhlazhdenija and FPG Baltijskaja Stroitelnaja Kompanija (Baltic Construction Company). The main direction of its activity is transport conditioning systems. Technical documentation and industrial technology have been worked out , there have also been worked out examinations of universal ventilation and climate units for all types of passengers cars. The Group of Companies Bureau of Air Conditioning Technique 9, Lomonosova st., St. Petersburg, Russia, 191002 Tel.: +7 (812) 325-0415; fax: +7 (812) 315-2679 E-mail:,

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