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Ч Juri Alexandrovich, your company began its activity on our market not long ago. A few words about its history. Ч Tekhnospetsstal Eco is a daughter company to Tekhnospetsstal Engineering, old participant of the engineering services market. We see our main goal in promoting new technologies into Russian and foreign markets. I began to work in the field of engineering ecology in Arkhangelsk. This May Tekhnospetsstal Eco began to work actively in the market of drinking water preparation and solid common wastes treatment. In May we participated in Drinking Water Fair, held in St. Petersburg. We presented plants for drinking water preparation of 6 Ц 1 000 cubic liters per hour productivity. We were rewarded an Honorable Diploma by the Fair Organizational Committee. In July, 2001 we got a governmental order on a water preparing station construction in Lensk (of 700 cubic liters per day productivity). To put into operation such an object we usually need a year. But as far as it is necessary to finish works by cold period we put this station into operation on September, 30. I consider this object to be the unique one because our specialists managed to make the prognosis of water that will come from Lena to our plant. WeТve already passed agreement for continuing works in Jakutia. The problem of getting drinking water is very sharp in this region. Our knowledge, experience and qualification will be useful there. By May, 2002 weТll supply Jakutia with 12 water preparing stations. In August, 2001 the St. Petersburg and Belarus Governments signed an agreement about cooperation for the period 2001Ч2002. Its fifth point is dedicated to providing of Belarus with high quality drinking water. The sixth point says about construction plants for solid common wastes utilization in Balarus. According to these agreements our company will deliver and assemble necessary equipment. Ч Tell us, please, about your technology of solid common wastes utilization. Ч We are speaking about superadiabatics technology. It makes possible to utilize waste with getting heat and electrical energy. It is important that in the result of this treatment no pollution get into atmosphere. Ч What is significant in your method of water preparation? Ч Today for water treatment they use traditional technology, which demands high capital expenses on construction, usage of chemical reagents and their constant re-stocking. Disinfecting of water with chlorine causes appearing of dangerous mutant tocsins. In lots of little Russian settlings there are no even common water treatment facilities. Our technology is free of reagents and it includes multi-stage filtration, ozonation, electrical coagulation and finishing ultra-violet treatment, providing 100% water disinfection. Water is treated of mechanic admixtures, micro-organisms and most of dissolved in water harmful for humanТs health elements. It is important that content of salts and micro-elements necessary to organism doesnТt change. As the result thanks to lack of chemical reagents treatment processes there donТt begin changes of aggregate state, hyper filtration and other processes, that break water structure. Water doesnТt loose its natural quantities, becomes ecologically clear and tasty. Our company produce stationary plants for drinking water preparation. We produce plants of 400 cubic liters per our productivity based on this technology, good for cafes, kindergartens, offices and plants of 6 cubic liters per our productivity, good for private apartments and cottages. Technical parameters put into technological unitsТ construction are determined on the base of water analysis we possess. For this purpose we get from the customers the full analysis of chemical and bacteriological indexes, made by sanitary epidemiological station. WeТve finished planning and now begin to construct a plant in Krasnoe Selo for drinking water preparation and bottling. Our product will get very comfortable and original package. The first consignment will be output by New Year Eve. BaltONEKSIM Banks gives us a vital support in the projectТs realization. Ч What are your nearest plans? Ч Not long ago Tekhnospetsstal Engineering acquired a plant of ferro-concrete in Gatchina district. Next year weТll modernize it and begin to produce light, ecologically clear concrete slabs and other articles. ItТs necessary to stress that in the result of our work today the plat outputs production of good quality, demanded on our market. Ч Juri Alexandrovich, we thank you for the interview and wish you success on BATIMAT-2001 in Paris. OAO Tekhnospetsstal Eco 35, Marshala Govorova st., St. Petersburg, Russia Tel.: +7 (812) 118-1946, 118-1947 Fax: +7 (812) 252-7584 E-mail: spb@tss-eco.ru

ƒата: 12.11.2001
Interviewed by Sofia Appolonova
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